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Through this programme, NÈGÈS MAWON responds to the need to put the issue of women’s rights at the center of debates and actions. It allows us to move away from the conjunctural and sporadic co-optation and towards integrating it permanently, constantly, urgently and imperatively in intellectual, scientific, social and above all political discussion spaces. It should allow us to approach our struggles in their present and future dimensions by measuring their major stakes in organizing collective life. FEMINI-TEA re-asserts the debate on women’s rights as a necessary facet of analyses in all aspects of our society and not as an isolated issue. This monthly gathering is an instrument for building critical thinking, collective action and a “political emancipation and organizing tool”. This exchange and sharing space must contribute to a convergence of struggles, a consolidation of the women’s movement and the reaffirmation of a strong feminist movement leading battles on all fronts.