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The organization’s mission is to raise awareness and educate Haitian society through widespread dissemination of information. The goal is to bring a new consciousness and a change of mentality that would lead to a more just and egalitarian world. It’s today’s work that will build a better society and better individuals tomorrow. The ANN KONSTWI JENERAYON EGALEGO A program targets teenage girls and teenagers at co-ed schools.

The school environment is one of the most fundamental spaces where children and young people develop themselves. Often children spend more time there than in the family home. It’s also one of the first spaces of socialization, real development of gender relations, thought, personality, and citizenship.




Educational institutions must therefore be spaces where initiatives are born to nurture forces essential to change, for the improvement of social practices.

Through this program NÈGÈS MAWON addresses gender inequality at the root. In young people. It is a priority group to be taken into account in addressing issues of gender equality, equity, responsible sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, human rights, citizenship, and leadership. These different themes, which bring together young women and young men in their daily relationships, must be explored to enable them to better build community life and social cohabitation, but also to be able to protect themselves individually and collectively.