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FOLI NÈGÈS is a program of the organization with the ambition to create a feminist corridor in the largest Haitian literary fair that has existed for more than twenty years: LIVRES EN FOLIE [BOOK MANIA]. The goal is to exploit this platform that brings together thousands of people every year to highlight any form of writing that promotes women’s right in the world: fiction, poetry, research, etc.

In a society, although supposedly modern, where gender relations still remain toxic, steeped in violence that targets women first and foremost, it is more than important today to deconstruct, in particular through conscious and responsible education, norms that undermine freedom and in their stead and build new imaginaries, other visions of the human, where men and women can live in dignity. Experience has taught us that literature is one of the sites of choice for reinventing the imagination, given the literary project’s mission open breaches, create other life prospects for humanity and propose other worlds, ideally ones that improve our collective evolution.


In this sense there’s a literary thrust that one could call feminist, that is to say, that spurs us to renegotiate the relationship between men and women. It also seeds research and production of feminist thought and science in Haiti and around the world. Despite this legacy, still today we can see that logics of recognition leave little room for women who write, who develop criticism, evidence and scientific paths of inquiry from a distinctly feminist perspective. That’s why FOLI NÈGÈS wants to shed light on and give voice to works, by women and men, from the perspective in which women regain their status as human beings — despite attempts denied to them this for centuries. The goal is to establish a mechanism that highlights feminist writing.

Featuring conferences, encounters, writing workshops, discussion panels, shows and literary criticism production, two full weeks of feminist literature would take root in Haiti.