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What we want

Justice, equality and access to rights, resources, opportunities, well-being and happiness for girls and women. To this end:

  •  Ensuring respect for the rights and interests of girls and women 
  •  Dismantle inequalities and the forces responsible for systemic discrimination experienced by women.
  •  Eliminate all forms of violence, discrimination, oppression, marginalization or exclusion against women
  • Achieve equality between women and men in all sectors of society
  • Respect the rights of women and girls, taking into account the links between different forms of discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, age, and class. 
  • To establish women’s autonomy and leadership in the personal, social, economic, cultural and political spheres, thus allowing for a real and effective change in their living conditions and situation.

Our mandate

Support and accompaniment: Aware  that solidarity is a pillar of Haitian society stand, we want to contribute to meeting material, psychological and administrative support and aid from a feminist perspective.

Action and mobilization : it is important for us to claim our right to public space, which is why Nègès Mawon hosts many public actions and events such as demonstrations, artistic performances, debates or other. 

Bringing together and gathering : working for justice and equality properly envisioned without training and sharing knowledge and analysis on the various forms of domination and oppression we experience as girls and women. This is why we offer many meetings and trainings to understand, exchange and learn.

Advocacy: Haitian feminist struggle has made key political victories achievable but these important victories should not make us forget all the ones are left to win. That is why our organization is involved in legislative monitoring and advocacy to ensure that public policy for the protection and political, social, cultural and economic autonomy of women is enshrined in law.